SBN Focuses on Multiple Levels of Success in the Industry

SBN has put a multitude of plans in motion, including a series of segmented, female-focused events, each targeted to a specific demographic, from entry-level employees and middle management to C-suite CEOs and business owners.

At the entry level, for instance, two regional Lunch and Learn events are slated to focus on skills development. The events will be held in conjunction with the Universal Technical Institute (UTI).

The second leg of the SBN initiative is centered on middle management, both men and women. To help foster member engagement and career-advancing connections, middle-management employees will be invited to attend networking events, including the annual SBN Reception in Las Vegas as well as Meet Ups at the Big Show and elsewhere.

The third phase is focused solely on executive-level women, specifically business owners and CEOs.  While details have yet to be finalized, the plan is to present two high-content, SBN-hosted women–centric CEO retreats.

“We are very excited about 2020,” said Chrisman. “In addition to doubling up on Gear Up Girl events, we are adding Meet Ups as well as Lunch and Learn events and women CEO retreats. Our goal for 2020 is to focus on meeting the needs of our members, from entry level to middle management and C-suite, as well as students exploring the automotive aftermarket as a career path.

“Our SheIsSEMA campaign is also doubling up this year, as we are now promoting the accomplishments of women in our industry biweekly rather than just monthly,” added Chrisman. “We encourage all SEMA-member companies to participate and submit their female champions to be recognized by SBN for their passion and dedication to your company and our industry’s success.”

Stay tuned for details on the upcoming slate of SBN events. The SheIsSEMA Spotlight application can be found online at