Modern Muscle Report gives helpful business tips for Female Industry Leaders

While accessorizers are fiercely loyal to their brand of choice, when you look at what people who modify 2010 and newer muscle cars actually want from (and do to) their vehicle, they’re more alike than you might think.

Key Interesting facts for women:

  • 34% of modifiers (of 2010 and newer mustangs, camaros, and challengers) are women
  • Men and women both have similar motivations behind modifying their muscle car. Though, women can be a little more focused on the outcome than the process (in other words, are a little less likely to be into tinkering than men)
  • Almost half of the women who responded to the survey use Pinterest regularly

Accessorizers overall tend to buy the same part types for their vehicles. While the most common purchases are upgraded wheels/tires or exterior customizations, these are performance vehicles and there’s definitely a contingent who make under-the-hood changes to boost power or reliability even further.

Their motivations also tend to be pretty similar: most often they want a car that’s fun to drive, and/or a vehicle that’s unique.

There’s often a social aspect to modifying muscle cars. Many of these folks are active in the auto enthusiast community, and their friends are often fellow car geeks they turn to for ideas or advice.

While modern muscle car accessorizers often go online to get ideas or research specific parts for their car, when it comes time to actually purchase an important upgrade or accessory they often prefer to buy in-store.

And the fact is, most of them aren’t doing big, all-at-once jobs. They tend to upgrade their vehicle one part at a time and are always on the lookout for their next modification. With 44% of modern muscle cars in the hands of accessorizers, that’s a healthy opportunity to build long-term customer relationships.

These are just some of the insights in our new “Modern Muscle Car Accessorizers Report.” This new report will help our members understand how to connect with this key consumer group and help them achieve their vision.

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