Can you help?

SBN volunteers are what keep our network alive and well. With over 500 members, we are proud to boast such a strong membership number. Because we are one of the larger SEMA groups, our work is visible to a lot of people. This is why we need dedicated volunteers to help push our network’s initiatives forward.

What Active SBN Members and Non-active Members Have in Common

It’s been noted that SBN members who actively volunteer in the network don’t have any more free time than the average member. In fact, they are all dedicated professionals with busy lifestyles, just like yours. They simply make the time to volunteer because something within them inspires them to do so. Perhaps it is an inner drive to make a difference in the industry, or it could be a voice within them that whispers, “The world needs more of your talent. Get out there and volunteer!” Whatever it is that inspires our active members, their help is what makes all the difference.

With that said, if your inner voice is nagging you to volunteer, now’s the perfect time to lend a helping hand to an SBN subcommittee. Currently, we have two subcommittees. Take a quick look at them below.

Communications Subcommittee

This subcommittee is responsible for writing and/or gathering content for the various communications outlets SEMA offers. If you are a writer, social media guru, or you enjoy taking photographs at events, this committee can definitely use your help. Take a look at the various topics you would cover:

  • She Is SEMA Spotlight: This monthly member spotlight will need written content highlighting each #SheIsSEMA member.
  • SEMA eNews: eNews articles are usually short blurbs announcing or recapping events. These are posted on
  • SEMA News articles: SEMA News articles are informative pieces that are featured in the magazine. They are usually 500-700 words long.
  • Social media: Posting and monitoring of Facebook and Instagram accounts
  • Gear Up Girl Facebook Group: managing this closed Facebook group.

Projects Subcommittee

The Projects Subcommittee oversees the proper management of all SBN events and programs. Most SBN events happen at the SEMA Show in early November, but there are also regional networking events that require planning. If event planning is something you like, take a quick glimpse at the yearly events SBN hosts.

  • Gear Up Girl Networking Event at the SEMA Show
  • SEMA Show SBN Reception
  • Regional Mixers and Meetups
  • Education Seminars at SEMA Show
  • Ambassador program

    If you are interested in making a difference in the industry and meeting great people along the way, get involved with SBN today. Contact SEMA Director of Networks Bryan Harrison at for more information.