PRO Cup Challenge Highlights Value of Packaging

A brand new program was unveiled at the 2019 SEMA Show, aimed at showing how effective restyling can be to car dealers. Four restylers were challenged to design and execute a “package” of restyling on a popular vehicle, and be judged by a panel of restylers, manufacturers and media. There was also a fan favorite award voted on by SEMA Show attendees. “This is an awesome opportunity for all restylers across the nation, and something we’ve always wanted to bring to the industry,” said Dino Perfetti, chairman of the SEMA PRO Council. “Obviously, one of the best things about the SEMA Show is the impressive and elaborate builds on display. However, our shop can’t sell those to the general public, so we wanted to bring a different perspective with this competition.”

Designs were judged on a number of criteria including:

  • How marketable is the build?
  • Does the design appeal to a large number of consumers?
  • Can this design be reproduced or is it too complex?
  • How creative is the design?
  • How profitable is the finished product for both the restyler and the dealership?

The ultimate goal of the “Challenge” is to have restylers duplicate one or more of the Challenge packages and sell to a dealer, or execute something inspired by one of the Challenge packages. If the select committee tracks enough of those restyling executions to prove value of the program, then an expanded version will be designed in time for the 2020 SEMA Show. Restyler would apply in advance and a task force would select participants based on the criteria. More details will be coming in the next few months, right now the priority is tracking the executions and documenting the value of this inaugural event. Stay tuned!