Over 100 New Lines Use RepMatch


One of our key goals as an organization is to address industry issues and develop strategies and programs designed to meet the special needs of manufacturers’ representatives. One issue that directly affect us is the challenge manufacturers face when looking for quick and easy representation in a select region. To solve this issue, we launched RepMatch, which is an online tool to help connect manufacturers with manufacturers sales representatives who have years of experience in the aftermarket industry.  

Manufacturers seeking regional representation from experienced and knowledgeable representatives can easily register for the program when they visit www.sema.org/repmatch/. Registered RepMatch reps are then notified when a manufacturer is currently searching for representation in their region. This is a mutually beneficial program for the both the manufacturer and the rep.

If you have not already registered for RepMatch, visit www.sema.org/repmatch/ so that you can also receive alerts every time a new manufacturer who is searching for representation in your area signs up.

Continuing Education

As we start the new year, we are continuing our goal to raise awareness about issues that impact our industry, customer base, and manufacturers, and how we as manufacturers’ representatives can help make a difference. 

Our goal for this year is to continue hosting educational seminars designed to increase knowledge of various topics including sales skills, communication tools, and marketing trends. 

To remain up-to-speed on industry activities, we also plan to provide additional information on various SEMA resources including research reports, SEMA Data Co-op, and changes and opportunities in emerging vehicle technologies.