Quick Notes from Rob Fisher, MPMC Chair

Fresh off an exceptionally productive LRP, the new Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council Select Committee has gotten right to work. Boasting 5 new members, the select committee  has a whole new outlook with fresh perspectives and is ready to continue the great strides and successes achieved over the past 5 years. Some highlights that we are working on include:

  • Developing a new “members only” program that will complement our annual Media Trade Conference. It should be noted that MPMC is the only council that has an application process where member companies must be accepted. It is therefore imperative that we offer exclusive benefits to those members. Adding a second “tent-pole” program will fortify those benefits, making MPMC membership that much more valuable.
  • We will also be adding a comprehensive section to the Business Guidelines Manual (free to all SEMA members) that will cover everything you need to know about remaining emissions compliant, including how to gain an E.O. from the C.A.R.B. with help from the SEMA Garage staff.
  • Finally, we are continuing our push to attract new media organizations to attend the MTC. Last year we had 11 new media groups attend the event. Not only do we expect them to return, but we will be presenting a program to the Board in the very near future to continue that push for more new media to attend as well.

I am really looking forward to working with everyone on the MPMC Select Committee. They are an energized and intelligent group of industry volunteers who genuinely care about the direction and future of motorsports in this country.

- Rob Fisher