New Select Committee Officially In Session

Even though new select committee members and leaders don’t officially begin their terms until July 1, the new MPMC group has been working together since late May in preparation for the upcoming Select Committee Summit and Long-Range Planning Meetings.  The new leadership of Chair Rob Fisher (E3 Sparkplugs) and Chair-elect Melissa Scoles (QA1) got pressed into action two years ahead of schedule by virtue of Sean Crawford having to resign from the council because of increased work obligations. (Sean was slated to become Chair on July 1.) Rob and Melissa are also welcoming 5 brand new volunteers to the select committee, so they wanted to get the group assimilated as soon as possible.

The five new select committee members, Mark Campbell (COMP Cams), Brook Piper (Callies Performance Products), Tim Torrecarion (Air Flow Research), Brett Kinsfather (Hellwig), and John Lambert (Hypertech) join returning members Jeff Jenkins (Fidanza), Eric Blakely (Edelbrock) and Ed Monte. With such an overall of the select committee makeup, Rob and Melissa have wasted no time getting the group access to past meeting minutes and preparing them for the upcoming Long-Range Planning meeting at the end of the month.

“Melissa and I are very excited to work with this group,” said Rob Fisher. “They are very talented individuals who come from diverse motorsports backgrounds which will enable the select committee to continue building resources and benefits for the MPMC members.”