Media trade Conference held in Southern California later this month

The MPMC Media Trade Conference is a unique event that brings together editors, reporters and editorial teams from all over the world with manufacturers of racing and performance parts and accessories. Unlike a traditional trade show where exhibitors meet with attendees on the show floor, the Media Trade Conference consists of individual, private, one-on-one interviews between the media representatives and the manufacturers.


Media participation is free to all editorial media representatives, including editors, reporters, freelance journalists, and photographers. Participation is also open to tradition media (print, radio, and television) and new media, including online journalists, bloggers, and e-commerce reporters, who can quickly report on the products they see at the conference.

Unlike traditional trade shows, where manufacturers are focused on buyers and making sales, exhibitors are here to conduct quality media interviews and have press materials and people who can answer a reporter's questions, providing reporters a chance to ask the questions they want and an opportunity to photograph products. It's the most efficient, effective, and affordable way for reporters to get detailed information, specific to their audience's needs and interests, and gather a year's worth of editorial content. Sales are not permitted, but advertising staff may accompany editorial staff in meetings.


The annual MPMC Media Trade Conference brings MPMC member manufacturers together with editorial staff from various media publications for 3 days of face-to-face meetings. Unlike a trade show environment, where both exhibitors and media are occupied with “business”, the Media Trade Conference is all about editorial content.

It’s the single most efficient, effective and affordable way for manufacturers to meet with media and share detailed information about their product, their newest product line, changes in their company or the latest industry trends. Upwards of 130 media groups and 200 individual media representatives from print, radio, television, e-commerce, blogs and digital magazines regularly attend the conference.

In addition to media, the unique format and setting for the event allows exhibitors to also network with their fellow manufacturers.

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