Manufacturer Reference Guide by MPMC

Whether you are just starting your manufacturing enterprise or if you are a seasoned and successful veteran in the space, the MPMC Business Guidelines Manual is a solid reference tool for the day-to-day situations that confront a successful and prospering manufacturing business.

Download MPMC BGM PDF here

Through the different methods of getting your product to the end user, whether through retailers, warehouse distribution, direct sales, or through internet sales, certain methods and rules must be established to ensure the financial, legal, and policy well-being of your business. This manual was developed through the experiences of many MPMC member companies. The information has been gathered and revised to aid new and existing companies to present industry “standards” that have proven effective as well as newer business technologies that are available within the market. Simply stated, this manual is the instruction book you have been looking for. Being a manufacturer member of SEMA entitles to you this information and the people that have followed these guidelines. MPMC also welcomes your feedback and suggestions regarding existing or future content.