Our Moab Mixer Drew in Over 100 Jeepers

During its first official get-together at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, LTAA members and non-members alike took an evening away from the trails to socialize and relax after a day of off-roading. Thursday’s gathering drew in over 100 Jeepers, which was a whole lot more than expected. Several LTAA select committee members were on hand to talk about the benefits of joining the council and to mingle with fellow enthusiasts

“I loved to see all our industry friends and family come together after a long day out on the trails,” said Sara Morosan of LGE*CTS Motorsports, who was among the nine select committee members who attended the LTAA Mixer at Grandpa’s Garage on Thursday. “We had a lot of companies and industry friends that had heard of EJS but who had never been,” she said.

Although many LTAA members make it out to Moab every year for the much-anticipated Easter Jeep Safari, this is the first year that LTAA had an official council gathering. “Since we were having our Thursday gathering, [LTAA members] decided to make the trek out to Moab, and they loved it!” Morosan said.

For those of you who missed it, here are a few pictures of LTAA making its presence known at the 2018 Easter Jeep Safari.