Double Unveiling in HRIA Booth

ARMO/HRIA Booth #23395

When the SEMA Show opens on Tuesday morning, November 4, two of the three vehicles representing HRIA in the HRIA/ARMO booth will be covered and remain covered until 11 am.  At 11 am those vehicles will be “unveiled” for the first time to the public. In fact, it might even be the first time the owners get to see them! We can’t tell you who the builders are, or what type of vehicles will be undercover, you’ll have to be sure to see them yourself beginning at 11 am on Tuesday, Day One, of the SEMA Show.

HRIA and the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) have historically shared one large booth space allowing cross collaboration between the two councils. The booth is commonly referred to as “Central Park” because it is always buzzing and is a convenient space in which to meet other industry and council members.  A vehicle representing an ARMO builder will also be unveiled with the HRIA vehicles.