Notes from the HRIA Chair

Below are just a few of Jeff’s notes to the membership following the last open meeting in Louisville.

Sales Tax NEXUS

Those in attendance were provided with an update on SEMA’s efforts regarding NEXUS and Sales Tax enforcement. We are waiting for updated documentation from the SEMA DC office. You, as members of HRIA, are urged to contact DC with any issues.  They can be reached at 202-783-6007.  You are encouraged to research for yourself the specific impacts the sales tax NEXUS has to your business.  There is a rumor circulating that NEXUS does not affect companies with less than 10 employees. Not so! Rest assured, it does impact us all in one form or another, regardless of the number of employees you have. I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences relative to NEXUS and Sales Tax, especially “Yogi” Sommerville who was very open about his process.

Legislative Visits

Is anyone taking advantage of SEMA scheduling legislative visits to their company? It is a completely seamless process as verified by members in attendance who have actually had legislators visit their company. Call DC with a request for a visit, SEMA does EVERYTHING and will also send a staff person along with the legislator.  The benefits are immeasurable. 

If you did not receive Jeff’s email following the Louisville open meeting, please email SEMA Staff Liaison Jim Skelly at and he will assure that you receive the complete email, and are on the recipient list moving forward.