Roundtable Conversations You Missed at PRI 2017

2017 Roundtable at PRI Trade ShowThe motorsports and performance roundtable event at the 2017 PRI Trade Show brought together subject-matter experts on various topics. The event was intimate, which allowed the conversation to be more robust and in-depth. Attendees were very pleased with the quality of the experts and the information they received. Each expert discussed a designated topic of his or her area of expertise.

The Car Coach, Lauren Fix, is a nationally recognized automotive expert, journalist, author, keynote speaker and television car host. She moderated a discussion about drivability with electronically spooled turbocharging technology.

Assistant Professor in automotive engineering at Clemson University's International Center for Automotive Research, Dr. Rob Prucka gave his take on running higher compression ratios using direct injection technology.

Dan Agnew, president of Composite Performance Technologies, LLC and principal engineer at EngSim, Corp. shed light upon advanced simulation tools that accelerate the engine development process.

Florian Rovere, scientist and head of Precision Components Sales, North America, discussed how advancement coatings reduce wear and friction and lead to increased performance.

Bernard Carr, president of Carr Engineering, examined the development of a faster symbiotic unit through motorsports connectivity, as he delved into discussions about data acquisition, sensor strategy and onboard telematics.