ETTN finds success with Facebook Live Chats

SEMA Emerging Trends and Technology Network presented a Live Chat Featuring Edelbrock’s Rob Simons and SEMA Garage Mechanical Engineer, Luis Morales. They talked about what’s new at the SEMA Garage and the benefits of the Tech Transfer Program. The Live Chat was an open Q&A filmed in the SEMA Garage where members communicated directly with Rob Simons & Luis Morales as they answered questions about the Tech Transfer Program.

Overall the live chat reached over 6,300 people and had an engagement of over 500. Many ETTN members joined in the chat and provided insightful questions that helped the overall network. The success from this has encouraged the network to plan future live chats with other industry technical professionals. 

Rob has been with Edelbrock for 11 years and has recently taken on a new role as the V.P. of Advance Manufacturing, responsible for transforming Edelbrock’s manufacturing facilities into the “Factory of the Future”. He holds 6 US patents including the E-Force supercharger and EFI Fuel Sump. Prior to Edelbrock, Rob served as the Powertrain Engineering Manager at Saleen Inc., where he was responsible for all powertrain systems for Saleen vehicles. His 7 years at Saleen included such milestones as the launch of the S7 supercar, 1 U.S. patent, and the design of the Series VI supercharger system. Prior to Saleen, Rob was an engineer with the DOD, at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, working on MEMS technology for 5 years. His experience has led him to gain an in-depth insight into the world of manufacturing and technology.

Luis Morales is a mechanical engineer for the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). There, he is involved in various engineering-related services, which assist automotive aftermarket companies develop products and take those products to market. Those services range from access to OEM CAD data, 3D scanning, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, product testing and vehicle technology. Luis graduated from the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, also known as Cal Poly Pomona, with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering in 2016.

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