Take a Kid to a Car Show

ARMO initiated the Take a Kid to a Car Show awareness campaign way back in 2002. It has morphed through several different logos, looks and activation strategies since then. The logo underwent its latest makeover just last year, and thanks to social media is experiencing newfound enthusiasm.  ARMO Chair-elect Ben Tucker took it upon himself to pre-schedule posts on the Take a Kid to a Car Show Face Book page, asking people to simply post pictures of kids at car shows or other automotive events. The response has been unbelievable. Liking and sharing statistics at one point earlier this year had the page in the number one spot of all SEMA social media pages. The Select Committee is now working on some budget proposals to expand the program well beyond the Facebook page and into the hands of car show promoters. Stay tuned for further developments on that front. If you haven’t already visited or liked the page, be sure to visit Take a Kid to a Car Show on Facebook and start sharing your favorite post