Get To Know New SC Member David Alkire

ARMO would like to announce that David Alkire, VP of Group Sales for RPUI, has been appointed to the ARMO Select Committee. With 27 years in the industry, David brings with him marketing and sales knowledge along with a passion for cars.

Get to know him:

Member Updates Editor: What’s your professional background?

David Alkire: My professional background is primarily rooted in management level sales and marketing positions within the automotive aftermarket where I have had the pleasure of driving sales in both retail and manufacturing segments. Due to the diversity of my experience in retail and manufacturing combined with being a car guy, I have what can only be described as a broad understanding of the dance that is bringing a product to market, marketing and selling a product to the various sales channels and how best to connect with the end user.


MUE: What motivated you to join the ARMO Select Committee?

DA: There are several reasons. The first is to contribute and give back to an industry that I am passionate about and has provided me with the ability to make a living doing what I enjoy as an enthusiast. Secondly, I believe our segment is changing at an exponential rate with changes at our markets core demographic level including a shift in how they shop for and purchase products. I have always believed that it is better to be at the head of the dog than the tail. Being on the ARMO Select Committee affords me the opportunity to be part of a talented and experienced group of people looking out for and driving the restoration market as it transitions into a new era.


MUE: How has your involvement with ARMO affected your business and/or career?

DA: I have been active in ARMO for the past couple years, attending the open meetings and other functions, and can absolutely verify that being active in ARMO has value to one’s career and ultimately to one’s business. I can’t say this enough, get involved and participate. The return on your time and input will be well worth it professionally and personally.


MUE: What challenges and/or opportunities have you come across now that you’re in the select committee?

DA: Some of the biggest challenges are also some of ARMO’s biggest opportunities. Items such as connecting with and attracting youth to our hobby as both enthusiasts and potential employees is one. Another is increasing member participation. In addition, I believe that as a committee, it is our responsibility to better communicate what ARMO and SEMA do on behalf of the automotive aftermarket and enthusiasts in general. If people really understood the things that continually take place at the legislative level that could adversely affect our ability to own, modify and drive our cars, they would be more than concerned. There is strength in numbers and we need more people to get engaged so that that future generations have the same ability to drive and modify their cars that we have today.