2015 SEMA China Business Development Tour


Shanghai, China, September 16- 20, 2015

For one low cost participants have the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit at the China Auto Salon (CAS) in Shanghai where you will have the opportunity to meet with pre-vetted distributors and retailers from throughout China.
  • Participate in networking events designed to allow informal discussion with key buyers in a variety of informal settings in addition to exhibiting at the CAS Show
  • Begin promoting your brand to Chinese buyers now through SEMA pre-event outreach to buyers.
  • U.S. government support is available for qualified companies.
  • Participate in a measuring session in Shanghai featuring vehicles popular globally but not sold in the US.
  • The trip includes hotels,meals, interpreters, and a turnkey booth

2015 SEMA China Business Program Options (3 OPTIONS)

OPTION A: ALL EVENTS: 2015 SEMA China Business Development Tour +China-based International Measuring Session.  Fees: $4000 Per company (this fee covers one participant and includes 4 nights hotel, booth/exhibition fees, meals and transportation within China as well as a day long measuring session featuring vehicles popularly customized in China as well as a networking event);  $900 Grant for qualifying companies(for a total fee of $3100 per company for the first participant) $1000 each additional participant. 

OPTION B: MEASURING SESSION: 2015 SEMA China Business International Measuring session only. Fees: $1800 per company (this fee covers the first person -2 nights hotel, meals, access to vehicles popularly customized in China for a full-day measuring session; networking event)  Grant of $900 per qualified company for a total company fee $900 for the first participant). $500 each additional participant.

OPTION C: SEMA CHINA ONE ON ONE PROGRAM: 2015 SEMA China Business Development Tour Only - Fees: $3500 per company (this fee covers one participant and includes 3 nights hotel, booth/exhibition fees, meals and transportation within China - the grant does not applying for those applying for option C). $1000 each additional person.

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For more information, contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org


September 16

  • Briefing with US govt officials
  • Participate in a panel discussion with Chinese buyers

September 17

  • Visit customizing shops in Shanghai
  • Booth Setup

September 18

  • Exhibit at the CAS Show
  • Networking event

September 19

  • Measuring session featuring accessory-friendly vehicles sold in the region but not in the US.
  • Networking event

September 20

  • Departure for the US


"My pre-trip impression was completely different from my end of trip impression, the enthusiasts in China are now realizing what they want, and they are demanding quality U.S.-made products. They negotiate for higher quality, not for price. With the aftermarket being only fi ve years old in China-and the total number of people in China-growth is exponential. Prior to our trip, the Chinese market was not part of our long-term strategy.

"After the trip, I am encouraged that it could be part of our five year plan."
- Mark Turner, Daystar

"China was much more into hot trends than I had imagined.They know what good-quality products are, want them and are not afraid to pay for U.S. quality. We can't wait to come back and get additional new business."
- Nick Gramelspacher, Meyer Distributing
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

"We've sold our Jeep accessories and performance products to China for many years now, but visiting this many customers and prospects in just one trip was never practical. Thanks to SEMA's well coordinated schedule, we met most of our existing customers and many prospects in just two days. We feel that China, with the highest number of Wranglers sold outside the North America and with higher-income consumers buying these vehicles, has the potential to become the number-one destination for our products outside North America. It is never easy learning how to conduct business in a foreign land, but we are betting it will be rewarding at the end."
- Al Azadi, Omix Ada/Rugged Ridge

"It is a performance-driven market, and we were welcomed in China with open arms by true performance enthusiasts."
- Wayland "Butch" Cox, Royal Purple
Vice President of Professional-Consumer Sales

"We have doubled our business in the country every year for the past three and have commitments from our partners to quadruple growth in 2014, based on the relationships we have established and additional vehicle coverage we have provided. We see this growth continuing well into the future as the Chinese automotive market continues to grow and outpace every other market in the world."
- Justin Oltz, SCT Performance
Vice President of Sales

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