2018 SEMA China Business Development Tour - Exhibitor Information


Shanghai, China

For one low cost participants have the opportunity to:

  • Exhibit at the China Auto Salon (CAS) in Shanghai where you will have the opportunity to meet with pre-vetted distributors and retailers from throughout China.
  • Participate in networking events designed to allow informal discussion with key buyers in a variety of informal settings in addition to exhibiting at the CAS Show
  • Begin promoting your brand to Chinese buyers now through SEMA pre-event outreach to buyers.
  • U.S. government support is available for qualified companies.
  • The trip includes hotels, meals, interpreters, and a turnkey booth

For more information, contact Linda Spencer at lindas@sema.org.


“At first, we were concerned about doing business in China. We knew little about the Chinese market and how it operated. However, deciding to attend the 2016 SEMA development tour gave us the insight we needed to succeed in China. Attending the tour appears to have been a very good decision for us. We feel confident that China is going to be a very good market for us. We met all the right local distributors that share our passion, and we are already reaping the rewards of this development tour.” – D.J. Potter, Tire Penz

“We have been participating in this event for the past four consecutive years. We use this opportunity to meet qualified dealer candidates, nurture our existing relationships and continue to learn about the market.” - Josh Abbott, Borla Performance Industries

“The SEMA China trip provided a great introduction to the Chinese market. You could not get a better introduction and understanding of the market for the time and dollars invested in this trip.”
- Lake Speed Jr, Driven Racing Oil

“My perception of the market is very different from what I saw. China has been growing for many years now. Its middle class and disposable income are growing, and Chinese consumers are choosing to spend their money on their cars. This market will be huge. I would estimate that will grow tenfold in 10 years, so if you are not a player right now, you should think about coming and checking out the market. Chinese buyers want American products. They want parts for their Jeeps, Mustangs and Camaros. We will be back next year.” - Nick Niakan, aFe Power

“The performance aftermarket in China continues to surge every year and with the help of SEMA’s annual Business Development Program, Injen Technology continues to be on the fast-track for growth in the Asian marketplace. The Chinese enthusiasts love American brands, and they continue to welcome our industry with open arms and are eager to modify their vehicles with American-made products.” – Jay Crouch, Injen Technology

“We found the SEMA China trip to be a great benefit to the Holley/DiabloSport brand,” said Michael Russo, the first-time exhibitor’s account manager. “Being able to see how the local shops operate and meet several qualified buyers in one place was an ideal scenario. We gathered a wealth of information about popularly modified vehicles in that marketplace and made contact with businesses that we look forward to having lasting relationships with.” - Michael Russo, Holley/DiabloSport

“American muscle cars are starting to show their strength, and a lot of that has to do with the new Mustangs, Camaros and Challengers hitting the market. I am really looking forward to continue developing the market in China.” – Kevin Floody, aFe Power

“We had no idea of the potential for additional business there and the vibrant, enthusiastic approach to the automotive aftermarket that exists, especially for Jeep which is a core market for us. We left China with a newfound excitement for business opportunities in that part of the world, and we look forward to capitalizing on the contacts we made.” – Bryce Castleton, Powerteq

“The China Business Development Conference was great for our company. As a first-time visitor to China, it was invaluable in learning the Chinese market. I would not otherwise have been able to gain so much knowledge and meet so many possible buyers in such a short amount of time as I did at the conference. It allowed me to connect with current Chinese customers and find new customers. Awesome experience!” - Michael Sampson, Rock-Slide Engineering

“The SEMA trip allows us to network with buyers for our products in the China market. The trip also provides insight into the current and future Chinese market and visits to shops to gauge their interest and assess their automotive progress, needs and wants and demo the latest American tech tools.”- Allison Blackstein, Dynocom Industries Inc.

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