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SEMA Is on Your Side

Readers know that this is an industry of passion, so the media is quick to share the news and spread the word when legislation comes up that affects the industry. This is a good thing for readers, since legislation can change quickly, and staying up to date on the current status is important.

SEMA News—August 2015


Media Trade Conference Generates Abundance of Motorsports Coverage

Staying up-to-date on the latest motorsports parts can be a challenge, especially since manufacturers in that segment are constantly innovating and developing new products.

SEMA News—July 2015


Growing UAE Market Captures Media Attention

As global interest in and demand for automotive customization grows, so does the opportunity for increased business for SEMA-member companies. That is the reason why SEMA sponsors international business-development programs and connects SEMA members with potential buyers in emerging markets such as China, Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
SEMA News—June 2015


Battle of the Builders Chooses a Winner

With nearly 1,500 one-of-a-kind vehicles, thousands of manufacturers and product debuts, the SEMA Show is where industry professionals go to discover new trends and do business. Meanwhile, consumers and auto enthusiasts have had to watch from afar as they eagerly wait for the products to hit store shelves. Until this past year.
SEMA News—May 2015


The Reviews Keep Coming In

While the SEMA Show is a trade event that is not open to the general public, thousands of journalists from around the world participate in it and serve as the eyes and ears for enthusiasts. These reporters work around the clock to scour the SEMA Show floor in search of standout products to share with their readers and viewers. Even if you were able to attend the 2014 SEMA Show, these publications are helpful in highlighting products that you may have missed. After all, there were more than 2,300 exhibitors and more than 1 million sq. ft. to cover. Take a look at some of the magazines that offered comprehensive coverage that you will not want to miss.
SEMA News—April 2015


The Business of the SEMA Show Is Business

Exhibitors participate in the SEMA Show primarily to connect with buyers from throughout the world. The main objective of the exhibitor is to sell and promote products, and journalists are often attracted to the innovations that appear at the SEMA Show.
SEMA News—March 2015


SEMA Show Ends With an After Party

For the first time in its long history, the 2014 SEMA Show ended with an “after party” called SEMA Ignited, where the general public viewed hundreds of cars and trucks from the trade-only event. Thousands of enthusiasts came out to get up close with one-of-a-kind cars, trucks and SUVs. Reporters flocked to SEMA Ignited as well to witness the thrill and excitement of this brand-new venue. Read on to see what reporters had to say about the first-ever SEMA Ignited. And tune in to the one-hour TV special scheduled to air on the Velocity Network in March 2015 to see footage of the event and the Battle of the Builders competition that culminated at SEMA Ignited.
SEMA News—February 2015


Another Closing of Another Show

While the 2014 SEMA Show is now in the history books, highlights from the annual event live on as media coverage continues to highlight the vehicles, products and activities from the event. One consistent theme year after year is that the SEMA Show is a place for the industry to discover new automotive aftermarket trends.
SEMA News—January 2015


Standing Tall

The message is clear: Automotive customization is thriving, and American-based businesses are at the forefront of product technology and innovation for the industry. As highlighted in the recent “SEMA Annual Market Study,” the automotive specialty-equipment market now represents $33 billion in annual sales—a 7% increase over the previous year.
SEMA News—December 2014


Open for Business

The SEMA Garage is officially open and ready for business. After months of planning and renovation, SEMA recently held a party to introduce the SEMA Garage to the automotive industry. Many were able to see firsthand such features of the Garage as the photo cove, 3-D printer, training center and emissions lab. The Garage has been so well received and generated such interest that media from New York to Los Angeles are taking notice, and the SEMA Garage is making headlines.
SEMA News—October 2014


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