SEMA Launch Pad

The fourth annual SEMA Launch Pad Presented by YEN is a young entrepreneur competition with industry executives pitching their new products and budding businesses to panel of automotive industry icons acting as the judges at the 2016 SEMA Show. The competition started with nearly 80 applicants to which the top 10 finalists were selected by Facebook voting process as they prepare to pitch their business at this live event. Watch and learn how these young entrepreneurs started their company and launch their product in the marketplace as they compete for the chance to win the grand prize! 

The live event will take place on Wednesday, November 2, from 11:00am-12:30pm, in LVCC room N258.

Steven Rossi, YEN Member Insights, August 2016

Steven Rossi, YEN Member Insights, August 2016

Tell us about yourself.

First, the love of cars and trucks has always defined me as a person. The lifestyle, culture, and utility of a pickup truck is a love I share with 50 million other truck owners in the USA. My uncle gave me my first pickup truck at the age of seven, where I began to learn about trucks and making forts! Also where I made my first custom tonneau cover, with my father.  At the age of 17 I started my first business while working towards college degree in biology.  I quickly fell in love with “being my own boss” and building a business from the ground up.  With no more than $500 in my pocket, my first business grew and eventually sold when I was decided to invest my time and entrepreneurial knowledge in crafting tonneau covers. That is when I started TruXmart Tonneau Covers, in May, 2011.

Who/what are your major influencers?

My influence are my superheroes; my father and my COO, Steve Raivio. These two great people guided and supported me in growing as a businessman. My father taught me to never give up and to face each obstacle as something that will make me stronger, smarter, and better. Steve Raivio taught me everything about ethical growth, customer service, and to always learn something new, each week, month, and year. I wouldn’t be where I am, today, if not for them.

YEN General Membership Call

Join us on August 24 for our Young Executives Network (YEN) General Membership Call. This call is the perfect opportunity to learn about getting involved with all of the SEMA Show programs that YEN has to offer and to get involved with YEN’s day to day operations as a volunteer.  If you want to be on the forefront of advancing the aftermarket, THIS is your chance.


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