Jayke Milton, YEN Member Insights, June 2016


Jayke Milton, YEN Member Insights, June 2016fuelculture Media, what is it? How does it work?
The fuelculture Media Agency was born of an intuitive and organic inclination towards both modern media and automotive passion. We, in practice, are a full service media agency dedicated to the automotive aftermarket and specializing in creating and distributing content for mass public consumption. Our progression through the industry has led us to creating and executing many entities and fuelculture serves somewhat, as the zip tie that binds it all together. Wrecked Magazine, Sponsor Spotter, Slide America, The Street Driven Tour and more have all been created to serve both our industry and our clients.

What's the best part about developing this type of business?
The freedom to create. We are free to keep our fingers to the pulse of the consumer which has allowed us to consistently produce creative marketing initiatives for our clients that truly integrate their brands into the communities they want to sell in to. We get to play the bridge of two worlds and for us, it is a rewarding challenge.


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