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Detroit has long been regarded as the car production capital of the world. The historic metropolis is nicknamed “Motor City” for a reason. It's the place where Chrysler, Ford Motor Company and General Motors established an industrial epicenter and where they are still headquartered to this day. Recently, however, the news coming out of Detroit has been more a continual flow of doom and gloom.

SEMA Manufacturers and WDs Complete Second Phase of Data Synchronization Project

SEMA’s Business Technology Committee (BTC) has completed Phase II of its Data Pool Pilot Program, which involves SEMA manufacturers and their warehouse distributor trading partners. The findings confirm that non-standardized and vital missing product data between suppliers and distributors results in lost sales opportunities, ordering delays, excess inventory and expensive order-processing errors.

Dan Dolan, YEN Member Insights, May 2009

Dan Dolan, SEMA YEN Member of the Month, May 2009Name: Dan Dolan
Title: Regional Sales Manager
Company: DiabloSport, Inc.
City, State: Delray Beach, Florida

Years of employment with current company?

Years spent working in the automotive aftermarket?

How did you first begin to work in the automotive aftermarket?

I started in the industry Wilma destroyed my previous workplace. It so happened that a friend I played in a band with worked at DiabloSport and they were looking for some people that might be good on the phones- I had plenty of phone and sales experience, so as it turns out the biggest natural disaster in my life turned into the biggest opportunity of my life! I couldn't have asked for a better stroke of luck!

Customized Solutions to Industry Challenges

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Officials across the country are constantly working on legislative and regulatory proposals that have a direct impact on our industry and your customers. The SEMA Government Affairs Office advocates in support of pro-industry initiatives, and when needed, opposes unfair or restrictive legislation. Here are just a few of the issues facing each of the market segments within our industry.

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