2009-2010 SEMA Board of Directors

The 2009-2010 SEMA Board of Directors is an esteemed group of industry professionals, including four newly elect members: Joel Ayres of Truck Accessories Group, Jeff Bates of Bob Cook Sales, Laurel Dasher of Superchips Inc. and Zan Martin of Martin & Co. Advertising. The SEMA Board of Directors will guide the association in addressing the most pressing industry issues for the next two years.


Five Simple Steps to Better Sales

The customer has always been the mainstay of a successful retail
business, yet many companies fail to impart good customer service
training to their sales staff. The “Focus on the Customer: Introduction
to Selling” course is the first of the In-Gear Sales and Marketing
Series developed by the SEMA Education Institute (SEI) to ensure that
both new and veteran retailers know how to attract potential customers
and turn them into repeat business.


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