Richey Trey Owen, YEN Member Insights, October 2009

Richey Trey Owen, SEMA YEN Member of the Month, October 2009Name: Richey Trey Owen
Title: GM
Company: Earl Owen Co.
Address: 334 N. Hall St.
City, State, Zip: Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: 214-747-7549
Fax: 214-748-5124
Web Site:

How many years have you been with your current company?
I have been with Earl Owen Co. my whole life. As for a full time position it has been around 7 years.

Years spent working in the automotive aftermarket?
I have worked in the automotive aftermarket 7 plus years.

How did you first begin to work in the automotive aftermarket?
The family business was the thing to do.

Did you have a mentor in the industry?  

Government Lists Top 10 Cars Purchased Under Clunkers Program

The “Cash for Clunkers” program, officially known as the Car Allowance
Rebate Systems (CARS), ran from late July to late August. The program
provided government vouchers of $3,500 or $4,500 to be used toward the
purchase of a new vehicle for the trade-in of a used vehicle that met
certain qualifications. The used vehicle was then scrapped. The
program’s premise was to provide the automakers and dealers with a
jumpstart in new car sales while getting so-called “gas guzzlers” off
the road.


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