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Brandy Morrow, YEN Member Insights, August 2012

Brandy Morrow, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Automotive News, Aftermarket News, August 2012

Brandy Morrow on Winning Respect in a Male Dominated Industry

Marketing Coordinator
Spectre Performance, YEN Member

About Brandy

Growing up, Brandy Morrow didn’t envision herself behind the wheel of a race car or working on cars in the hot summer sun. Growing up with a father who was a professional motorcycle racer that transitioned into sales and marketing in the performance industry, the car hobby was never forced on Brandy. In fact, while pursuing martial arts and other mainstream pursuits she didn’t even get her driver’s license until she was 17. Her father Mike then taught her basic vehicle maintenance and enrolled her in a defensive driving course. A year later, looking to learn a little more about vehicle control (after wrecking her first car – a Saturn), Brandy enrolled in an all-women’s autocross school at El Toro Airbase in Orange County with her Honda Del Sol.

Ernie Manansala, YEN Member Insights, July 2012

Ernie Manansala, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, July 2012

Name: Ernie Manansala

Company: Tribe Agency
Title: CEO
Age: 30
Years In Industry: 10

1) Tell us a little about yourself and what you do. How long have you worked in the industry?

I started at 19 years old as the marketing manager of König Wheels. It was a perfect time for me to be a part of that company. We had the best line of wheels that year, and the founder of König believed that I, based simply on my creative passion, could help bring the brand up to the awareness level that he wanted.

2) How did you get your start and what positions have you held at what companies as you progressed to your current position?

I have been on and off in the industry for about 10 years now. The reason I say that is because we launched NOS Energy Drink which now plays a major role in the automotive industry. In reality, it truly is a beverage company that had many learning experiences after we were acquired by Coca Cola where I remained for a few years to bring the brand to the top 5 energy drinks in the nation.

Eric Schumacher, YEN Member Insights, June 2012

Eric Schumacher, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, June 2012

Eric Schumacher on Balancing Work & Life While Building A Career In A Fast Paced Industry

Eric Schumacher, 36 Years Old
Executive Producer - Power AutoMedia; YEN Member

About Eric
We’ve all heard the saying, “Do what you love and never work another day in your life.” Not only did Eric Schumacher hear that timeless advice, he acted upon it and today has built a successful career in the automotive aftermarket. For the past six years, Eric has lived his dream as Executive Producer and founding member of Power AutoMedia, a young but successful digital media and video production company. In this “dream” position Eric has been able to successfully combine his love for all things automotive and creative design. The Temecula, California, resident has a unique perspective that has been shaped by the tenuous start-up years of Power AutoMedia, which was a true pioneer of digital media within the automotive aftermarket, while trying to successfully balance being a devoted father and husband.

Matt D'Andria, YEN Member Insights, May 2012

Matt D'Andria, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, May 2012

Matt D'Andria on Futurism in the Automotive Aftermarket

Matt D'Andria, 36
Years Old

CEO -; Co-Host - Adam Carolla's
CarCast; YEN Member

About Matt

If you have spent
any significant time at a SEMA event or media gathering, chances are you have
either met Matt D'Andria or seen his work. The 36 year old Phoenix, Arizona native moved to Southern California years ago to be closer to the
automotive aftermarket and has had been involved in dozens of digital media
projects, from helping top automakers develop a digital footprint, to
co-hosting Adam Carolla's popular "CarCast" and launching his latest venture -
a unique online automotive community called

Matt was inducted
into the gearhead lifestyle early, helping his father restore a Fiat Spider
when he was just five years old. He "helped" his dad by hitting the freshly
restored sports car with a toy hammer. At 15, Matt restored a '65 Mustang with
his brother, buying parts with money earned from a job at the local auto parts

Jon Pulli, YEN Member Insights, April 2012

John Pulli, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, April 2012

Jon Pulli

Age: 30

CEO, Turn 14, YEN Member

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with a passionate SEMA member who is a leader in distribution side of the automotive aftermarket, Jon Pulli. Jon is currently the CEO of Turn 14.

Some of our readers aren't familiar with Turn 14; could you give us a brief overview on the company--and most importantly, your role there?
Turn 14 Distribution is a performance warehouse distributor focused on modern, post 2000, vehicle applications. I co-founded Turn 14 with Chris Candido initially to fill a void in the sport compact market for an east coast based distributor. As a co-founder I have done every job in the company but at this point, as CEO, I am able to focus my day-to-day on oversight and future planning. I spend most of my time strategically planning avenues for Turn 14’s growth in the short and long term. I feel a constant, yet welcomed pressure to achieve our target growth numbers. Distributors, when doing their job correctly, act as conductor between retailers and manufacturers. My goal is to grow Turn 14 which in turn benefits the brands we distribute, the retailers we service, and Turn 14 employees.

Mark Stek, YEN Member Insights, March 2012

Mark Stek, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, March 2012

Mark Stek on....Building
Value with Celebrity Customers

Mark Stek
Marketing Director, Kelderman
Air Suspension Systems, YEN Member

At age 35, Mark Stek, an Oskaloosa, IA
native, and Iowa State graduate, currently holds the position of Marketing
Director for Kelderman Manufacturing. Also known to SEMA members as Kelderman
Air Suspension Systems, Kelderman is a diverse and unique SEMA member company
that manufactures and fabricates everything from agricultural parts to air
suspension systems for a customer base that is as diverse as their products. A
12 year veteran with Kelderman, Mark grew up around the automotive industry as
the son of a hot rodder, and now applies a synergy of his sports marketing /
management degree emphasis with his hot rodding roots to foster relationships
with celebrities to bring added value to both his company and his customers. We
sat down with Mark to discuss his experiences working with VIP customers and
how they may benefit other young executives in our industry. 

did you get started with celebrity/VIP builds? 

Rampage Jackson approached us a few years
ago at SEMA.  He already had a lifted
truck, but really wanted our suspension on it. 
Once the logistics were worked out, his truck came to our shop in Iowa
and we totally transformed it.  We
created a video for YouTube that showed the build from beginning to end and
that has really increased our exposure.  Our
celebrity clients, so far, all have reached out to us to receive our product. 

John Marshall, YEN Member Insights, February 2012

John Marshall, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, February 2012

John Marshall On Building &
Maintaining Contacts

In The Automotive Aftermarket

Name: John

Power Slot
(Performance Brakes Business)

Title: National
Sales Manager

About: John Marshall, the National Sales Manager for
Power Slot, is a graduate of Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, IL. He is
a first time father with a daughter born early last year. John has worked at
several well known manufacturers within our industry over a period of 17 years
and has great insight into a subject that is critical for young automotive
aftermarket executives - building industry contacts throughout the various
transitions in your career.

Tell us a little about yourself and
what you do. How long have you worked in the industry and what other companies
have you worked for or positions have you held as you progressed to your
current position?

I am the National Sales Manager for Power Slot. I
started in the industry in 1995 with Auto Meter Products. In 2000, I accepted a
position with K&N Engineering as the Eastern Regional Sales Manager. In
2007, I accepted the position of Director of Sales with Power Slot. That same
year Centric Parts acquired Power Slot and my title changed to National Sales

Mike Giles, YEN Member Insights, January 2012

Mike Giles, SEMA YEN Member of the Month, January 2012

Mike Giles – SuperFlow Technologies Group

This month’s interview is with Mike Giles, Marketing Manager with SuperFlow Technologies Group headquartered in Des Moines, IA.

Mike, a graduate of the University of Iowa, has worked for SuperFlow Technologies Group, as it is called today - in some way, shape or form since he was 6 years old. At the present, Mike’s main job functions include a whole array of marketing functions, but above all it is his responsibility to manage SuperFlow’s brands and their respective images. Mike also oversees SuperFlow’s web developer and graphic designer, plans the tradeshows and make sure they happen without issue, coordinates the advertising schedule and budget, organizes email blasts, and writes press releases, newsletters and ad copy. “We’re a small company so we’re all asked to go above and beyond our core responsibilities, for me that is usually some minor IT work or building maintenance projects or anything else that needs some extra attention.”

What is your role at company and how many years there?
My current position is Marketing Manager and I have had that position since March of 2011. I’ve worked in the Marketing department since I graduated in May of 2009. Prior to that I’ve held positions ranging from lawn maintenance at age 6, to parts runner, to janitor. My dad was very clear when I was young that he wanted my brothers and me to be involved in his company if we chose to, but that like anyone else we would start at the bottom and work our way up.

Ed Monte, YEN Member Insights, December 2011

Ed Monte, SEMA YEN Member of the Month Spotlight, Aftermarket News, December 2011

Ed Monte on How to be Successful in Sales

Ed Monte,
39 Years Old

Director of Sales - MSD Ignition; YEN Member


The consummate
"nice guy," Ed Monte has a reputation in the automotive aftermarket as one of
the friendliest, most outgoing and positive people you'll ever have the
pleasure of meeting. Having worked his way up from taking customer service
calls on the phone to Director of Sales at one of the most prominent brands in
our industry, Monte firmly believes in the value of hard work, maintaining a
positive attitude and building relationships.

Monte grew up in
the Southwest and began riding Honda XR dirt bikes as a kid, exploring the desert
and learning the terrain - a good primer for a budding desert racer. It also
taught him to respect machinery. From there he became interested in off-road
racing, but focused on business in school knowing he'd need a real "day job" to
support his passion for racing. After earning his business degree and working
for a speed shop that specialized in desert racing, the Texas native got his
first job out of college with MSD Ignition.

Andrew Schroeder, YEN Member Insights, October 2011

Andrew Schroeder, SEMA YEN Member of the Month, October 2011

Andrew Schroeder on… Recipes to Succeed 
Vice President, Ben Murphy and Associates; YEN Member  

About Andrew
Sometimes the path to success is right in front of you, other times it’s not even remotely close. The second option was precisely the “path,” if you will, for Andrew Schroeder.

Andrew is the Vice President of Ben Murphy and Associates, a national rep agency. Twelve years ago, Andrew was the manager of a pizza parlor in North Jersey. As his path would have it, the next thing he knew, he had found his calling as a manufacturer’s sales rep. 

So, how did a pizza parlor manager become an automotive sales rep?
I grew up around sports car enthusiasts and spent a lot of time at the racetracks when I was young. I relished the times I could help my uncle and brother work on their cars. The memories are countless and fond; the experience, which I did not know then, became the foundation for my lifetime career.


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