Understand Competitive and Collaborative Tactics to Conduct Successful Business Negotiations

A conflict of interest must be present between two or more parties withan expectation of give and take to conduct successful business negotiations,according to Dr. Frank Morgan, president of Morgan Associates andformer global director of executive development and leadership for DowChemical Company. Dr. Morgan presented the recent SEMA webinar entitled,“Successful Negotiations: Understanding Competitive and CollaborativeTactics,” and in it, he said that tangibles, including price, deliveryand contract terms, are at stake, but the intangibles, which includesaving face, winning and maintaining precedence, are more important andoften get in the way of a successful negotiation.

Webinar - 21 Great Unexpected Customer-Service Tips

Great customer service must be the hallmark of any successful business---not only to retain customers, but also to attract new ones. How is your staff doing? Have they become complacent? Could they use a refresher course? Gather your staff and participate in "21 Great UNEXPECTED Customer Service Tips." These are unique techniques that will bring the service level of your organization to new heights.


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