SEMA and CAR Report: OEM Powertrain and Platform Changes That Will Impact Your Business

a multi-phased series of specialty-equipment industry forecasting
reports, SEMA and the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) will provide
insight to help members increase the understanding and awareness of
vehicle technology challenges and opportunities to support their
business development and planning efforts.

Tough Times Bring Change: Management Tips for Moving Forward

In today’s economy, management is faced with two conflicting situations: we must implement all change that is necessary and resist all change that isn’t essential.

Through the next SEMA webinar, “Tough Times Bring Change: Learn How to Manage Moving Forward”, you will learn how to get people to embrace the change that is necessary and create an environment that allows rational resistance. You will attain the tools your business needs to help you manage and achieve what at first glance appears to be unsolvable. Use change to move forward.


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