Understand Competitive and Collaborative Tactics to Conduct Successful Business Negotiations

A conflict of interest must be present between two or more parties withan expectation of give and take to conduct successful business negotiations,according to Dr. Frank Morgan, president of Morgan Associates andformer global director of executive development and leadership for DowChemical Company. Dr. Morgan presented the recent SEMA webinar entitled,“Successful Negotiations: Understanding Competitive and CollaborativeTactics,” and in it, he said that tangibles, including price, deliveryand contract terms, are at stake, but the intangibles, which includesaving face, winning and maintaining precedence, are more important andoften get in the way of a successful negotiation.

Calculate the Real Value of Your Company

Do you really know what your business is worth? Do you know how to
maximize the value of your business in a changing economic environment?
Whether you plan to sell, strategically buy, or just want to understand
your capitalization options, a new SEMA webinar entitled “Calculate the
Value of Your Company: Value Realization Strategies” will teach you how
to assess your company’s worth. Bob Kinsella and Karl Johnson of
Kinsella Group will provide an overview of automotive aftermarket
trends and the ways in which value is measured, and then they’ll teach
you how to attract capital investment for acquisitions, consolidation,
recapitalization and more.

Protect Your Business by Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Any good idea or product is worth protecting—especially if it’s the mainstay of your business’ success. However, the process of protecting your intellectual property (IP) may seem daunting. To help explain the procedures and ease the complexity for SEMA-member companies, the association recently hosted a webinar entitled “Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights: Ask the Experts.” It was presented by Steve Lustig of Dickinson Wright PLLC; Robb Roby of Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear LLP; and Merritt Blakeslee of The Blakeslee Law Firm.

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Five Key Elements of a Profitable Website

Brian Offenberger, owner of the Aftermarketer Club, recently provided the five elements every website needs to increase profits and achieve maximum results. According to Offenberger, the five elements presented in the SEMA Webinar, “Basics of Website Design and Content,” are not just suggestions; they are ways to gear your website so that it’s providing you with the results that you expect.


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