Expert Insight on Obtaining Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Any good idea or product is worth protecting—especially if it’s the
mainstay of your business’ success. However the process of protecting
your intellectual property )IP_ may seem daunting. To help explain the
procedures and ease the complexity for SEMA-member companies, the
association recently hosted a webinar entitled “Patents, Trademarks and
Copyrights: Ask the Experts.” It was presented by Steve Lustig of
Dickinson Wright PLLC; Robb Roby Knobbe, Martens Olson & Bear LLP;
and Merritt Blakeslee of the Blakeslee Law Firm.

Read on for expert insight on the different types of IP and what you can do to protect your business, ideas and products.

Want a Slice of $27 Billion? Exclusive Online Marketing Tips Show You How

Business publications reported in the past few days that online
shopping grew as much as 5% from 2008 to $27.1 billion in revenue
during this holiday season. Love it or hate it, the Internet has become
a prolific sales stream, and every forward-looking company must address
online sales as part of its marketing strategy. An exclusive new SEMA
webinar—"The Essentials of Online Marketing"—provides participants with
must-know information about how to capture market share and increase

SEMA Webinar: Are You an Attacker or a Defender?

What do West Point cadets, General George Patton and your business have in common? If you said the book On War,
you likely attended Tom Shay’s three-part workshop at the 2009 SEMA
Show. Shay, of Profits+Plus, helped participants determine strategies
and tactics they can use to make 2010 a winning year, largely based on
principles in the influential text cited by both Patton and still
taught by West Point instructors.


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