Website Need an Overhaul? Simple Steps for Hiring the Right Designer

Luanne Brown, president and CEO of eTool Developers, provided a roadmap
on how to select the ideal web designer during the SEMA webinar
presentation, "How to Select and Prepare for a Web Designer." The
process that Brown outlined concentrates on two main facets: preparing
for a web designer by conducting thorough research of a company's needs
and selecting a designer based on building a team best suited to meet
the needs identified. Access the entire presentation here.

10 Search-Engine Tips That Will Increase Your Online Business Now

The goal of any business website is to generate more visitors for more
sales more often. Search engines are the most frequent drivers of these
potential customers, and search-engine optimization is a crucial piece
of online marketing. Now you can use the newest SEMA webinar to learn
10 tips about search engines that will boost your site’s traffic today!

Tips on Selecting the Ideal Web Designer

Your website is the face of your company for millions of Internet
users, so design and functionality can make or break your web
enterprise. A knowledgeable web designer can help lead customers to
your site and make it easy for them to find your products. Learn how to
choose the ideal team by tuning in to SEMA’s exclusive new webinar:
“How to Select and Prepare for a Web Designer.”


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