21 Great Customer Service Tips—How Many Do You Use?

Great customer service must be the hallmark of any successful
business—not only to retain customers, but also to attract new ones.
How is your staff doing? Have they become complacent? Could they use a
refresher course? Gather your staff and participate in "21 Great
Unexpected Customer Service Tips." These are unique techniques that
will bring the service level of your organization to new heights.

SEMA Webinar: Profit-Boosting Sales Strategies That Customers Love, Competitors Envy

It’s a tough marketplace, and every sale counts. How do you gain a
competitive advantage? One important component is your sales strategy.
SEMA will conduct an informative webinar session that will explore the
anatomy of a sale and specific actions you can take to improve and
measure your sales process. Whether your company has a defined sales
strategy or you want to develop an improved process, this session is
for you.

Improve Your Vehicle-Application Data, Improve Your Bottom Line

Industry studies show that most manufacturers have major “holes” in
their application data, either because of errors in their fitment data,
or gaps in vehicle coverage. The upcoming SEMA webinar on Thursday,
November 18, will help manufacturers understand how to use industry
application standards and provide their customers with more accurate
application data.

Why Your Homepage Is Confusing Your Customers

One of the five biggest mistakes that companies make when advertising
on the web is sending traffic generated from an ad directly to the
homepage. Matt Bailey, president of Site Logic Marketing, provided this
tip in many others through the SEMA webinar “10 Search Engine Tips That Will Increase Your Online Business Now.” Part of Bailey's presentation was centered around the use of Pay-Per-Click advertising and the Google Adwords system.


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