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SEMA WD of the Year Nominations Due Next Friday

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2009 SEMA WD of the Year Award. As a SEMA member, your participation in submitting your nomination of the 2009 SEMA WD of the Year Award enables the selection task force to make the final decision.

Is Poor Product Information Costing You Sales?

About seven or eight months ago, a successful retail chain with a 20-year, 10-location brick-and-mortar history decided that it was time it competed on the web with a full e-commerce solution.

Unprecedented SEMA Show Promotions Make Headlines

Several SEMA Show promotions, such as exhibitor value packages and the Leads Guaranteed program, are enticing more than just SEMA Show exhibitors and attendees. The media has also taken notice and is spreading the word.

Nominations Open for the 2009 SEMA WD of the Year Award

Your vote as a SEMA member is important! All SEMA-member warehouse distributors are eligible, regardless of size.

I Can Dream Can’t I?

About this product:

Yesterday, when I unlocked the door to my store, there was a line of people waiting. Fortunately, my two counter people were on time and waiting behind the counter. One was at a point-of-sale terminal, and the other was at the Internet order pick-up desk. Six customers came through the door, and four cued up for Internet pick-up. Nathan, my lead counterman, immediately approached the attractive female and asked if he could help (typical) while I waited on the male customer.

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Manufacturers, WDs and Reps Discuss Challenges and Opportunities at MRC Rep Conference

Bryan Shirley, President and CEO of MANA will present an open and interactive session addressing the specialty-equipment industry’s biggest challenges in this turbulent economy.
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