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SEMA Scholarship Applications Available

Students preparing for careers in the automotive industry may be eligible to receive financial awards ranging from $1,000–$4,000 through the 2011 SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship application, which is due April 1 and requires college transcripts and letters of recommendation, is now available here.

SEMA News—February 2011

  SEMA News-February 2011-Industry News-Scholarship Fund

Manufacturers: Craft Parts for the 2012 Focus to Ford’s Specs

The SEMA Tech Transfer program has expanded again with the addition of CAD data files for the 2012 Ford Focus. The files currently available for the Focus sedan include the chassis, exhaust and suspension and brakes. For all models, CAD files include the 2.0L engine with an air cleaner and exhaust manifold and front and rear fascia/bumpers.

Measuring Session: All-New 2011 Ford Explorer and 2012 Ford Focus

Don't miss the upcoming ’11 Ford Explorer and ’12 Ford Focus Measuring Session. The deadline is November 19.

Designers: SEMA Now Offering 2011 Scion tC CAD Data

Minimize or eliminate reverse engineering costs on this popular compact with CAD data through SEMA Tech Transfer.

Get a Jump on Parts Development for 2011 Mustang

CAD files for the all-new Mustang 5.0L V8 and new-to-Mustang 3.7L V6 are now available through the SEMA Tech Transfer program.

Product Prototypes for the Price of a Dinner for Two

The SEMA Technology Transfer Program is one of the most valuable SEMA manufacturer member benefits, offering rapid prototyping service and access to thousands of OEM CAD files.

SEMA Measuring Sessions and Technology Transfer

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Designing new specialty-equipment products is a laborious, time-consuming procedure, and time is not a friend, as manufacturers will attest. With SEMA market research revealing that most consumers purchase specialty-equipment parts within the first three months of buying new cars, manufacturers must often race to place their products on the shelves by the time new vehicles hit the dealerships. SEMA offers two manufacturer-friendly programs—Technology Transfer and Measuring Sessions—that help SEMA-member companies meet that goal.

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2010 SEMA Design Awards

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Car and truck buyers seek the vehicles that best suit their needs, including the need to be individual. While the automakers deliver an amazing variety of products to fit dozens of market niches, they cannot possibly create a unique vehicle for every unique customer. Accessories and performance products fill that void, allowing unlimited and complete personalization of any car or truck.

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Cut Development Costs and Time With This SEMA Show Seminar

Learn how to cut product development time and costs using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and rapid prototyping technologies through live demos and seminar at the SEMA Show.
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