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Online Media Center—Find Out What Exhibitors Have Planned for the Show

Free for exhibitors to post and easily accessible by editors and reporters, the Online Media Center serves as the place to obtain Show-related news prior to the November event.

Behind the Scenes of SEMA Battle of the Builders

SEMA Battle of the Builders will return for the 2015 SEMA Show, and vehicle builders with a display, feature or booth vehicle at this year’s Show are encouraged to participate.

Exhibitors Offering Products to 2015 SEMA Show Builders

Exhibitors of the 2015 SEMA Show are encouraged to expand their reach, product exposure and Show-floor presence by offering products to builders through this list.

Restyling & Car Care Exhibitors: Get to Know Your Rep

As 2015 SEMA Show exhibitors plan and prepare for the upcoming Show, taking place November 3–6, in Las Vegas, designated account reps are available to help exhibitors navigate the SEMA Show process.

Make Your Show A/V Top-Notch With PRG

Grabbing the attention of buyers is a main goal of most Show exhibitors, and today’s high-tech business culture requires quality computer and audio-visual (A/V) setups to attract buyers to a booth.

Video: Linda Vaughn on Women’s Roles in Today’s Industry

Linda Vaughn discusses how the role of women in the industry has changed in the automotive market over the years.

Honda Announces 2016 HR-V SEMA Show Project Vehicle Program

Honda wants to communicate and amplify the strengths of the HR-V as the right-sized, fun and active vehicle for the next generation of car buyers through project vehicle builds culminating in a display at the 2015 SEMA Show.

June’s Checklist for Successful Exhibitors—Develop Marketing Materials

With a confirmed space and location at the 2015 SEMA Show, now is the time for exhibitors to lock down details to bring their booths to life.

6 Tips to Get the Best Traction for Your SEMA Show Story

While more than 3,000 credentialed media attend the SEMA Show each year, standing out from among 2,000-plus exhibitors and getting the attention of reporters who are overworked and on tight deadlines can be challenging.

Video: Max Grundy Shares What Inspires His Art

Artist Max Grundy visits SEMA Central and explains what artists and scenery inspire the direction and ideas behind his artwork.
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