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Invest in the Future of Your Industry—Host a Student at the SEMA Show

Efforts to build excitement in the next generation reach a pinnacle during SEMA Show week in a dedicated program for students. The SEMA Show Student Program gives young people a glimpse of the industry as part of the association’s effort to engage the next generation. After completing the qualification process, students attend the Show with their teachers and participate in a series of organized events designed to expand their knowledge of the automotive specialty-equipment industry. This is often an eye-opening experience for students, who may not know how broad the industry is nor have experienced the excitement of the automotive aftermarket.

SEMA Member News—September/October 2015

Career Windows: Engaging the Next Generation of Aftermarket Professionals

The question of how to involve the next generation in the automotive specialty-equipment industry is a topic that comes up in nearly every SEMA membership meeting. Over the last year, the Board of Directors and staff have put quite a bit of thought and effort into developing youth-engagement initiatives.

SEMA Member News—July/August 2015

Career Windows: Engaging the Next Generation of Aftermarket P

Engine Auction to Benefit SEMA Scholarship Fund

With the participation of SEMA-member performance parts manufacturers and legendary engine builder Ed Pink, the SEMA Scholarship Committee will have a complete dyno-tested 302 Ford engine—based on a Dart block and cylinder heads—up for auction on eBay concurrent with the upcoming SEMA Show. Proceeds will benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund (SMSF). Simultaneously, a customized Dodge Charger and Avenger will also be auctioned to benefit the SMSF.

SCHOLARSHIP COMMITTEE - SEMA Memorial Scholarship Program: Connecting With the Future

During the 2008 SEMA Show, more than 150 students from the U.S. and Canada registered for the first-ever Student Program.

SEMA Member News - September/October 2009
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