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Media Highlights Industry's Leading Innovators

The message is clear: Automotive customization is thriving, and American-based businesses are at the forefront of product technology and innovation for the industry.

E-mail Marketing—Still the ROI Champion

While digital marketing seems to always have its own version of the “It Girl” each year, one thing has remained constant for 30 years: E-mail is still the new sexy.

New Web Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success

Businesses looking to evaluate the return on their efforts in web and social-media marketing can take heart: There are scores of analytical tools available that can precisely show them how well their campaigns are doing.

Free Pre-Show Exposure for Your Feature Vehicle in SEMA News

Entries for the popular “Vehicles of the Show” article in November's Show issue of SEMA News are now being accepted.

Exhibitors: SEMA News Wants Your New Products

One of the best opportunities for exhibitors to build additional excitement and exposure for SEMA Show new-product debuts is to send press release materials to SEMA's publication department.

SEMA-Member Guide to Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights

Getting the most out of your operations includes knowing how to protect the intellectual property rights of your company. Here is an informational guide to help you plan today and get the most out of your company’s IP.

Retail Spotlight—Morris 4x4 Center

Morris 4x4 Center is a pure-play Jeep parts and accessories Internet retailer—which accounts for 98% of all sales—and is housed in a 32,000-sq.-ft. facility in Pompano Beach, Florida, with 70 employees.

8 Ways to Deal With Bad Online Reviews

Dealing with negative reviews and comments requires a detailed strategy to ensure that a thumbs-down from a customer does not impact the company, and its profits, forever.

SEMA Heritage: The Great California Street Rod Civil War

At the 1973 Street Rod Nationals (or so the story goes), rod builders Andy Brizio and Lil’ John Buttera got into a, shall we say, friendly discussion about which end of the Golden State produced the best street rods.

From the Editors: New eNews Format Coming!

Beginning next week (Thursday, June 26), a randomly selected portion of the SEMA eNews audience will receive the newsletter in a new format.

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