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SEO Best Practices for 2013

SEO is critical to the success of your business, given that websites not optimized for search engines are generally much less trafficked—and often all but forgotten.

SEMA Heritage: Dick Scritchfield

Dick Scritchfield was a relatively new addition to the Car Craft magazine staff when he drew the assignment to cover the growing auto-stereo trend in the magazine’s January 1967 issue.

How to Reach More Than 18,000 Businesses in April

SEMA News is the monthly trade magazine published by SEMA that reaches more than 18,000 key automotive specialty-equipment businesses.

Why Windows 8 May Not Fit Your Business

Many early adopters have been disappointed with Microsoft Windows 8's new interface, sighting clunky and inefficient operation when compared to traditional desktops. The bottom line: Windows 8 may not be fit for your business.

Wheel and Tire Trends Update

While the economy continues to influence the tire and wheel markets, the greatest impacts on the industry have resulted from the elimination of the tariffs on Chinese tires, the steady growth of lower rolling resistance tires, advances in technology and the proliferation of Internet research, according to knowledgeable wheel-and-tire pros and media.

Retirement, Acquisition, Buyout—Why Every Business Owner Needs an Exit Strategy

If you’re a business owner, one way or another, you’ll eventually leave your enterprise. The only question is how—and whether you’ll do so on your own terms.

Best Practices: Finding the Right Advertising Agency

Building a brand, informing business partners and educating consumers are key factors in marketing a product successfully. Publicizing and promoting products for optimal sales throughout all forms of media is the business of advertising agencies. Finding the right one should be every manufacturer’s ultimate promotional goal.

SEMA Heritage: Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drags 1966

The third annual Hot Rod Magazine Championship Drags, held in June 1966, was a scorcher. On the track, that is. All the big names in drag racing came to Riverside loaded for bear: McEwen, Chrisman, Landy, Leal, Ongias, Swingle—and records tumbled.

2013 SEMA News Rate Card and Editorial Calendar Now Available; Preview March Issue

The 2013 SEMA News rate card and editorial calendar are now available. SEMA News is the monthly magazine published by SEMA that reaches more than 18,000 key automotive specialty-equipment businesses.

New Product Trends in the Wheel and Tire Industry

In the February 2013 issue of SEMA News, the latest trends and hottest products in the wheel and tire market will be on display.
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