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New Digital Tools to Capture the Best Talent

With the job market the best it’s been for job seekers in 15 years, digital-recruiting toolmakers are serving up even better solutions to ensure that companies can capture the best of the talent. The new tools come at an opportune time, given that the economy appears poised for continued healthy growth.

SEMA News—October 2015


A Few Words With Tom Gattuso

SEMA Show Director Tom Gattuso was initially drawn to event sales simply as a method to meet the automotive manufacturing people he’d eventually like to work for, but it wasn’t long until he realized that he preferred producing events and eventually worked his way into event management and direction. He’s now been doing it for 20 years, coming to SEMA in 2011 after working on new-car events for Auto Dealer Shows and then on off-road events for Advanstar Communications. He recently took a few minutes to talk about the 2015 SEMA Show.

SEMA News—October 2015


A SEMA Show Guide for First-Time Exhibitors

With a little planning, first-time exhibitors can generate more sales and business opportunities during the annual SEMA Show.

Introducing SEMA’s 35 Under 35 for 2015

The SEMA News 35 Under 35 highlights young trendsetters who are bringing exciting new ideas the automotive specialty-equipment industry.

Creative Solutions to Combat Counterfeiting

For SEMA-member companies putting out great products these days, the challenge of illegal unauthorized copies is almost unavoidable.

Why Your Company Can No Longer Ignore 3D Printing

Is there a 3D printer in your future? It’s really no longer a question of if, but when.

How to Gain Optimum Product Exposure Through Show Vehicles

Project vehicles not only grab attention at the trade shows but continue to hold it long after, if done right.

SEMA Heritage: Motorama Milk Truck

Not content with launching just a publishing empire, Robert E. Petersen put on a series of car shows in the early ’50s that he called Motorama.

Retail Spotlight: Velocity Automotive Group

Velocity Automotive Group is serving up American performance in Europe.

What Global Customers Drive

SEMA’s make/model data offers companies easy-to-use information to help identify the best markets based on vehicle registrations.
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