SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund

2013–2014 SEMA Scholarship Engine: 700+ HP Dart LS Next Package

The SEMA Scholarship Committee has announced that its 2013–2014 SEMA engine project will feature a 700+ hp package based on a Dart LS Next cast-iron block. The engine will be offered on eBay beginning December 12, 2013, and the proceeds will benefit the SEMA Memorial Scholarship Fund, which aids young men and women seeking careers in the automotive industry.

eBay Partners With Source Interlink to Build Four Vehicles for 2012 SEMA Show

Here’s a different spin on the project-car theme: eBay, in association
with Source Interlink Media (SIM), has partnered with four garages to
build four distinctly different vehicles. As the four are being
completed, they are being voted on by visitors to a build-specific
website (, where they will ultimately choose their favorite.


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