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Rapid Change Calls for Immediate Attention

Current studies suggest that up to 90% of shopping now begins with an Internet search, and mobile is overhauling other search devices. No wonder the Online Marketing seminars at the SEMA Show are among the most popular.Current studies suggest that up to 90% of shopping now begins with an Internet search, whether the product is ultimately purchased online or through a brick-and-mortar retail store. And mobile is overhauling other search devices, with tablets alone projected to account for 65% of all sales made on mobile devices. That’s a rapid change from only a short time ago.

“It’s like dog years, where one year is actually seven years worth of change,” said Bob Moore, partner in the automotive aftermarket consulting company J&B Service in Kansas City, Missouri. “For example, I was looking at a presentation we did in 2010...

Product Data: If You Build It, Sales Will Come

Jon Wyly

Think of it as the selling Field of Dreams. Much like the enthralling Kevin Costner movie, it all starts with a lot of convincing, believing and perhaps a small leap of faith as you struggle to understand this challenging new requirement. This uncertain phase is followed by a period of ups and downs, ultimately creating some hard work that, at times, can feel like a hopelessly endless task. But man, oh, man: When you finally get to play, it’s suddenly all worth it!

I can’t stress enough how an ongoing regimen of product data gathering, expanding and quality control is critical to the success of your business. Own the process, understand its importance and seek help when you get confused or sidetracked.

SEMA Show Product Data Education Track

Jon Wyly

Hourly Sessions All Day Monday, Sponsored by the SEMA Data Co-op

From beginner to expert, the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) education track is sure to provide insight into better managing your product data and making use of the new SDC Product Information Management System. Join the SDC team for training and ideas presented through interactive discussions, questions and answers and demonstrations on the following topics:

Information Equals Sales

A Conversation With Bob Moore, Chairman of the SEMA Business Technology Committee

Bob Moore is the co-founder and current chairman of SEMA’s Business
Technology Committee (BTC) and an unflagging advocate for the use of
standardized data and the SEMA Data Co-Op, the industry’s newest
sales-generation system. He has been working in the automotive
aftermarket since 1976 and is a partner with Jerry McCabe in J&B
Service, a consulting company that specializes in the aftermarket.

Jim Graven Joins SEMA Data Co-Op

Jim Graven has been named as Director of Membership for the SEMA Data
Co-op. Graven, who has more than 15 years of experience in the specialty parts
aftermarket, will play a key role in growing the industry-owned and operated
data management solution - particularly as it transitions into a full system launch
in January.


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