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2011 SEMA Board Elections: Taking Away Your Right to Vote?

If you care enough about the above headline to have read this sentence, it’s probably because you value your right to vote. And you should value it—at every level of opportunity. The good news is that no one is taking away your right to vote in the SEMA Board of Directors elections. But, we hope that the nerve we just hit will cause many of you to realize your vote is taken away every time you fail to submit your vote. SEMA Board members guide the use of a powerful arsenal of SEMA resources, and you’d be upset if we said you no longer have a say in the matter. So this year, start a new habit and vote!

A Few Words With Bob Moore

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While technology has been an undeniable force in the evolution of the automobile, it has also determined how cars and car parts are sold. From the first handbills to newspaper and magazine advertising to broadcast media and now the Internet, technology inevitably changes the way manufacturers, distributors and retailers sell their wares. As electronic cataloging has evolved over the past decade, the ability of parts suppliers, sellers and end users to source and find parts has gone from tedious to instantaneous—so long as sufficient and correct product information is available. Simply put, ample and easily understood information helps sell products.

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