SEMA Action Network (SAN)

Idaho Bills to Increase Registration Fees Die as Legislature Adjourns

SEMA is opposing two pieces of Idaho legislation to increase annual
registration fees for motor vehicles having a gross weight of 8,000 lbs.
or less. The fee increase would vary depending on the age of the
The SEMA Action Network (SAN)-opposed legislation that would have
increased annual registration fees for motor vehicles weighing 8,000
lbs. or less died when the Idaho Legislature adjourned for the year.

Connecticut Committee Approves Increased Property Taxes on Antique/Rare/Special Interest Motor Vehicles

SEMA-opposed legislation to increase the age requirement for vehicles
eligible for registration as “antique, rare or special-interest motor
vehicles” or “modified antique motor vehicles” was approved by the
Connecticut Joint Committee on Planning and Development by a narrow 10–9


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