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The Driving Force Behind SEMA’s Advocacy Efforts

The fight against unfair automotive laws has been spearheaded by the SEMA Action Network (SAN) for nearly two decades. Citizen advocates—individuals from the industry and hobby alike—help shape the course of automotive-related proposals before they become law. While keeping its membership posted on legislative trends throughout the United States and Canada, the SAN offers easy-to-follow guidance on influencing bills in one’s jurisdiction. Urgent in nature, the SAN’s Legislative Action Alert e-mail messages immediately call constituents to speak out in a unified way about legislation making its way through the legislatures. This potent tool has a proven record of successfully swaying lawmakers on high-impact issues.

SEMA News—August 2015


Shape Bill’s Future

Influence Laws Affecting Your Business Legislative proposals, both beneficial and harmful, are introduced each year in legislatures all over the country. Many have a direct and immediate impact on you and your company. Targeted and timely responses from constituents like you can sway the final vote. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) gives you easy-to-follow guidance on helping affect bills related to vehicles and small business before they become law.
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THE SAN Is Looking Out for You

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) seeks to protect the automotive hobby by bringing together the specialty-equipment industry and the enthusiast community. To achieve this objective, the SAN is involved in many different projects and initiatives. The group participates in events such as the annual Collector Car Appreciation Day and the Hot Rod Power Tour. In addition, the SAN ensures that its members are aware of relevant legislation on both the state and federal levels through its award-winning Driving Force newsletter. Below are a few recent news articles that highlight SAN activities.
SEMA News—August 2014


Kentucky Bill to Assess Motor Vehicles for Property Tax Approved by House; Moves to Senate

Kentucky legislation to change the valuation procedure on vehicles registered in the state for purposes of the property tax was amended by the House Transportation Committee and approved by the entire Kentucky House of Representatives.

Michigan Bill Would Exempt Certain Historic Military Vehicles From License Plate Requirement

Legislation has been introduced in the Michigan Senate to exempt historic military vehicles from the requirement that they display a license plate unless the vehicle was originally manufactured with lighting and mounting provisions for a plate.

Florida Bill to Eliminate Ethanol Requirement on House Floor

Legislation to repeal the requirement that all gasoline offered for sale in the state contain a percentage of ethanol could be considered this week by the Florida House of Representatives with a vote by all members.

Hawaii Resolutions Seek Recognition for Collector Car Appreciation Day

Resolutions have been introduced in the Hawaii House of Representatives and Senate seeking recognition by the state for July 13, 2012, as Collector Car Appreciation Day.

Collector Car Appreciation Day Is July 13, 2012—Have You Scheduled Your Celebration Yet?

Collector Car Appreciation Day will be here sooner than you think! The SEMA Action Network (SAN) is maintaining a list of scheduled events to commemorate America’s time-tested love affair with the automobile. Individuals, car clubs and business owners interested in publicizing events should contact SAN Director Colby Martin at 909-978-6721 or

SEMA to Expand Grassroots Hobbyist Network at Country Music Association’s 40th Annual CMA Music Fest

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) will be on hand at the 40th Annual Country Music Association (CMA) Music Festival Power Zone to inform attendees about how they can get involved in the group’s legislative advocacy efforts. The Power Zone is designed as a new outreach endeavor aimed at the country music fan base, many of whom share a passion for automobiles.

SEMA Joins “Save the Salt Coalition” to Promote Preservation of Bonneville Salt Flats

SEMA has joined a number of prominent organizations to form the “Save the Salt” Coalition to protect the Bonneville Salt Flats (BSF) from continued deterioration due to salt brine removal from potash mining. SEMA and the Coalition are working with government officials, mine operators and others to develop a permanent program to replenish the salt.
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