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SEMA Businesswomen’s Network Introduces 2014 SEMA Show Calendar of Events and the New/Re-Elected Select Committee Members

After celebrating its 20th anniversary milestone last year, the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) continues its momentum by powering numerous 2014 SEMA Show events. With an emphasis on networking and fostering the growth of the next generation of women leaders in the aftermarket industry, the SBN introduces four events that are open for registration.

Becoming an Effective Leader

By Gigi Ho

Whether it’s leading a small group, a department or an entire company, effective leaders draw upon their own unique journeys for developing keys to success. While there is no single formula, some of the most successful women in leadership positions today share some core values that can be applied to any company atmosphere. Here’s a look at two rising leaders in the industry and their takes on leading effectively.

Getting Involved With SBN: From MRP to Select Committee

By Christina Kwan

Heading into the 2013 SEMA Show, the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) re-evaluated its core mission statement, and it now reflects the group’s proactive and ongoing advocacy for women in the aftermarket industry. SBN’s mission is to provide networking, education and recognition opportunities for professional women in the automotive specialty-equipment industry that will enhance their careers and positively impact the growth of the entire automotive aftermarket.

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Awards Top Achievers in the Industry at the 2013 SEMA Show

The 2013 year was especially significant to the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN). Celebrating the past, the present and the future, the SBN reveled in its significant growth in membership and achievements over the past 20 years.

SBN paid homage to some of the most influential women who have shaped the aftermarket industry during a special red carpet-themed reception that was held at the Oasis Lounge at the Las Vegas Hotel.

SEMA Businesswomen’s Network Planning a Full Calendar of Events for 2013 SEMA Show

Each year, the SEMA Show offers a wide range of product displays, exhibits and educational seminars. For industry veterans, the Show also provides a great chance to reconnect and network with friends and colleagues. The members of the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) have been busy planning a full calendar of events for the 2013 SEMA Show to provide just such networking opportunities. Attend one or attend them all; each provides a unique format and opportunity.

Meet Our Incoming Chairwoman!

Not Just Another Woman in the Industry…

It wasn’t long ago that when a male called a business to get his questions answered regarding automotive performance products and he heard a female voice on the other end, his attitude and the tone in his voice would shift to “she has no idea” and he would say, “Just have one of your guys give me a call about this.”

For many of us, it has been a tough and long road to find the right balance of confidence, knowledge, professionalism and respect. Although we never wanted to be “one of the guys,” we’ve worked hard for acceptance, appreciation and respect. Our passion for our industry and its advancement is what has driven us to make meaningful contributions.

SBN Recognizes Contributions to Women

Each year, the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) recognizes top individuals for their contributions to women in industry. The organization honored the winners of these awards at the 2012 SEMA Speed Networking Breakfast Powered by SBN on November 1, 2012, at the Las Vegas Hotel during the SEMA Show. The honorees for 2012 included Ford Motor Company, winner of the Athena Award; Doug Evans of Source Interlink Media, winner of the Mentor of the Year Award; and Lauren Fix of Classic Tube/Automotive Aspects, winner of the Woman of the Year Award.


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