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SEMA Council & Network News: Restylers—How to Create Up-Sell Opportunities for Dealerships

Succeed in increasing profitability throughout the dealership and your company will be viewed not just as a vendor, but as a value-added partner in profit.

Council & Network News: Display Your Truck or Jeep at the SEMA Show and Support SEMA Cares

At this year’s SEMA Show, the Light Truck Accessory Alliance will display several vehicles between the South Hall Las Vegas Convention Center and the new Performance Pavilion.

Council & Network News: SEMA Garage FAQ for Light Truck Accessory Alliance Members

The SEMA Garage is an invaluable product-development tool for manufacturers, especially those serving the truck, SUV and off-road markets.

Council & Network News: YEN's Hot Rod Power Tour Recap

SEMA’s Young Executives Network (YEN) kicked off the month of June with the Hot Rod Power Tour, where eight YEN members reached out to young professionals regarding the variety of career paths and opportunities available to them in the industry.

Council & Network News: Networking Mistake Number One

Being part of SEMA is truly amazing because the organization provides its members with a number of opportunities to network.

Council & Network News: Use the “Wow” Factor to Sell More Cars

Understanding the dealer’s point of view is key for installers and restylers to build trust, gain respect and, ultimately, make more sales.

Council & Network News: ARMO Hot Product Showcase Continues Online

More than 80 products were displayed in the 2015 ARMO Hot Product Showcase, which can now be viewed online.

Council & Network News: Earn Up to $600 in Two Easy Steps

Manufacturers’ reps have a new opportunity to partner with the SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) for a special incentive.

SEMA Board of Directors Election Ends June 9

Ballots for the SEMA Board of Directors election are due June 9. Learn more about the candidates at
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