Campaign to Save Our Race Cars Hits High Gear

RPM ActSome forms of competition are won quickly by an all-out sprint. Others require endurance to cross the finish line first. It’s certainly no surprise to the automotive community that the nation’s legislative turf continues to be more akin to a rock-crawling competition than a quarter-mile drag race. Issues important to the automotive specialty-equipment marketplace continue to jockey for position at the federal and state levels throughout the United States.

Law and Order

Law and OrderDelaware Emissions: Legislation was approved by the Transportation, Land Use and Infrastructure Committee to extend the emissions-inspection exemption for new cars from five to seven model years. Emissions inspections are required for vehicles being registered or titled for the first time and are then biennial based on the vehicle’s model year (during registration renewals). The bill has now been sent to the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote by all members.


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