New Crossovers and Small Cars Come to New York Auto Show

The 2009 New York International Auto Show presented several new and refreshed vehicles for consumers to eye their next possible vehicle purchase. Automakers also unveiled some concept and prototype vehicles to test consumers’ reactions and get a sense of whether their latest design efforts would bode well for future buyers. While attending the press days that led up to the show, the unveiling put forth by automakers revealed a continued shift towards small cars and crossovers.

Compact-Performance and Urban-Market Update

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Over the years, quite a bit of attention has been paid to both the compact-performance and urban-lifestyle markets. At their respective roots, each market is very different: Compact performance has involved enthusiasts looking to enhance the performance (hence, the name) of small economy and sports cars and the urban market had a completely opposite makeup of enthusiasts who were more concerned about vehicle appearance, typically involving large sedans and SUVs. Today, these differences still exist in many ways. However, both compact-performance and urban enthusiasts now share enough similarities to bring these segments of consumers closer together.

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