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Authentic Looks, Modern Performance

American AutowireResurrecting and restoring older vehicles to mint condition is a time-honored enthusiast tradition. No matter its age, a rejuvenated classic still has the power to turn heads—on the road, at a car show and wherever else it may materialize. In recent years, however, a new trend has taken hold in the restoration scene: returning a car to “better-than-new” condition through the addition of modern technologies. While exuding a spirit befitting their heritage, these “restomods” also exhibit the drivability, safety and conveniences of their present-day counterparts.

Tools & Equipment New Products

BuildProTools might be the aftermarket items most taken for granted, left on a shop floor to gather dust or tossed in a grimy parts bin. Yet they’re certainly among the most important everyday shop components because they allow fabricators and customizers to transform their vehicular visions into reality. Whether they’re cutting, clamping, wrenching, riveting, lifting, measuring, monitoring or performing a thousand other tasks, tools and equipment are the workhorses of any shop, and having the right one at hand is essential for any dedicated builder. 


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