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Town Hall Meetings: See You There

SEMA is on the move, and if you’re in the industry, you’ll want to know about it. The association’s presence this year at town hall meetings across the country is part of an important new strategic direction. Through the first six months of 2011, members of the SEMA staff will be visiting Scottsdale, Arizona, Fort Worth, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina, to join with local SEMA-member companies in hosting a series of relaxed, casual, grassroots gatherings of members. These town hall meetings will serve a number of purposes, including:

SEMA Education Institute


Today’s business environment is changing quickly. Training and information are essential to a company’s success. Realizing this several years ago, the SEMA Board of Directors created the SEMA Education Institute (SEI) as a strategic commitment to meet the industry’s need for personal training and professional development.

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby!


When this industry began more than 75 years ago, the men were racing ’32 roadsters across the dry lakes of Southern California while the women were racing around the house, making sure they had a clean place to live and food on the table. Today, women are as much a part of this industry as the men, with roles that include driving race cars, managing businesses, building project vehicles and more.

J2530 and the Industry


A few years ago, SEMA and its Wheel & Tire Council (WTC) worked with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) to develop an industry testing practice for aftermarket wheels. SAE J2530 (Aftermarket Wheels Performance Requirements and Testing Procedures) outlines performance and sampling guidelines, testing procedures and marking requirements for aftermarket wheels used on cars, light trucks and multipurpose vehicles.

A Few Tips on Social Media Customer Service


Because “social media” are such buzzwords these days, a lot of people think that these new channels somehow exist in a different dimension of the space-time continuum and that different rules and laws of physics apply. Yes, social media channels are immediate. Yes, social media channels are broadcast platforms for the hitherto voiceless. And, yes, everybody is doing it. But when it comes to customer service and building and protecting your business reputation, the same principles apply in social media as in all other channels of communication between you and your customers.

Message From the Chair


Serving on the Select Committee or as chairman of a council is a huge honor. It signifies that you’ve earned the confidence and respect of your peers. It also gives you an opportunity to be closely involved in the issues affecting your industry and to have a part in shaping how those issues are addressed. I’ve been privileged to serve as a member of the Professional Restylers Organization (PRO) Select Committee since 2000. I’ve also joined the ranks of the few who have become the chairman of PRO. As I’ve worked for the council for the last few months of my term as chairman, I wanted to share some thoughts on volunteer leadership.


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