Measuring Sessions

Measuring Session: 2015MY F-150 and 2015MY Mustang

You are invited to a measuring session for the 2015MY F-150 and 2015MY Mustang on July 15, 2014. At the measuring session, attendees will be provided with advanced 2015 product information for the F-150 and Mustang and be allowed to examine pre-production 2015 vehicles. These vehicles are as “production representative” as possible and may aid your development process for future upfits.

International Vehicle Measuring Opportunity: 2013 Ford Ranger T6 and 2012 Hilux

SEMA, in partnership with the US Department of Commerce, has brought a 2013 Ford Ranger T6 and a 2012 Toyota Hilux to the US. The vehicles are being sold throughout the world but not in the US or Canada. SEMA's International Vehicle Measuring Program makes available difficult-to-access vehicles so that members can measure them in order to create export-ready product.


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