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Consumer Demand Index Up 85% From a Year Ago

SEMA’s Consumer Demand Index (CDI) experienced yet another increase in April,
going from 45 to 48. Representing a 7% increase, the CDI again matches
closely with the Consumer Confidence Index which experienced an 11%
increase from March to April. The April increase experienced by the CDI
follows the ten-point increase from the month before and marks an 85%
increase from April 2009. This could signal an indication that
consumers are willing to purchase more products in the next few
months—much needed good news for the specialty-equipment market.

2009 SEMA Market Study

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In 2008, retail sales of specialty automotive products dropped to $31.85 billion. Despite the decline, the market is up 37% compared to ten years in 1999.  This report provides an overall look at the entire specialty-equipment market.  This market is broken down into nine niches, and each niche contains three segments. 

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SEMA Research: Racing and Performance Grows as Overall Market Contracts

  SEMA News Racing & Performance

The racing and performance component of the specialty-equipment market is comprised of three market niches: street performance, racing and compact performance. Combined, these three niches represent 32% of the total retail sales of the specialty-equipment market.

In 2008, the overall market contracted to $31 billion from $38 billion in retail sales. But the racing and performance market experienced growth. In fact, total retail sales for the three niches combined grew 4%, from just under $10 billion to $10.3 billion.

Read the latest SEMA research on the market that is at the core of the specialty-equipment industry.

2009 SUV and CUV Report

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2009 SUV and CUV Report, SEMA Research CenterThe light truck market as a whole includes pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) vans and even commercial chassis. When referring to this market SEMA has traditionally limited the scope to pickup trucks, both midsize and fullsize. However, SUVs have been a popular choice for accessorization. Oftentimes these vehicles, such as Chevrolet Tahoes, Cadillac Escalades and Hummer H2s are classified in the urban market as a result of the particular styling choice of the vehicle. These vehicles can also fall into the restyling or off-road categories as well. Prior to recent months, during which all vehicle segments have experienced a decline, CUVs had been experiencing increased sales compared to the declining sales of pickup trucks and SUVs, due in large part to gas prices.

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