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Help Shape SEMA Market Research Program

In an effort to better serve members, SEMA is assembling a task force to help identify ways to provide more value through its market research.

Restoration Market Update

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In 2008, the restoration market held its ground and fended off economic troubles by sticking to its classic formulas. With the overall market shuddering in the wake of myriad disasters, enthusiasts looking to restore their automotive passion and collector cars came through decidedly.

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SEMA Consumer Demand Index Rebranded and on the Climb

SEMA’s monthly forecasting tool to determine consumer demand for industry products has been rebranded SEMA Consumer Demand Index for Performance Products and Accessories. Formerly called PADI, short for Performance and Accessories Demand Index, the new name seeks to clarify the intent and purpose of the program.

Eliminate Guesswork with SEMA's Aftermarket Industry Benchmarking Program

SEMA recently launched the Aftermarket Industry Program to provide SEMA members with financial data measure and track operational goals and financial performance.

Mass Customization = Restyling

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It wasn’t all that long ago that the OEMs were trumpeting the concept of mass customization. The idea sounds great, particularly to consumers. After all, under mass customization, all vehicle buyers could get exactly what they want because essentially each vehicle would be built to order.

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SEMA PADI—Measuring the Future for Specialty-Equipment Demand

The SEMA Performance Parts and Accessories Demand Index (PADI) provides marketing planners with a useful tool that estimates future specialty-equipment demand.

Modern Domestic Muscle: Highest in Consumer Interest

Consumer interest in the new Camaro, redesigned Mustang and Dodge Challenger indicate that buyers haven't given up on Detroit.

SEMA Manufacturers More Optimistic About Market

Specialty-equipment manufacturers are more optimistic about summer business than either retailers or distributors.

Reader Feedback: Compact Vehicle Article Revisited

Readers wanted to know more about the distribution of compact car registrations throughout the United States. SEMA Research has followed up with additional insight.

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